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Nicotine. While leading vapor brands offer a wide range of blends that are nicotine levels, we want to talk to you about the different levels of nicotine available in the market and help you decide what is suitable for you.CUBANO SALTNIC BY VGOD DUBAI

Bawadi Vape wants to remind its readers that nicotine rich products are potentially addictive and provide you with information to make an educated decision when searching for your perfect e-juice.

If you are trying to make the switch from smoking cigarettes to e-cigarettes, it would seem logical to start at a higher-level dosage of nicotine in your chosen e-cig or vape juice. 

Bawadi Vape offers its nicotine salt blends in 20mg to 50mg strengths. So, if you are a pack a day smoker, transitioning to the higher nicotine nic- salt blends might be the better starting point.

The benefit of using e-juice is that it is a lot easier to determine the amount of nicotine you are taking in, as contrasting to cigarettes. While each cigarette manufacturer is different, it makes it hard to narrow down exactly how much nicotine you are inhaling per cigarette. 

You can also find pre-filled pods with set nicotine levels. We have found that customers having flavor options and different nicotine levels to experiment helped expand their knowledge and achieved a healthier vaping lifestyle! Besides being more informed of your nicotine intake, you also have the luxury of knowing exactly what is in your vape juices, as opposed to knowing nothing about all the harmful additives toxins in regular tobacco products.

Bawadi Vape’s high-quality e-juice offers a selection of unique flavors typically offered in three nicotine strengths. 

– 0MG is a great place to use if you are not a big smoker and want a nicotine-free path. 

– 3MG level is mild, allowing a little extra bite to your casual vaping experience. 

– 6MG seems like a great landing spot for those who like smoking, but are generally consuming over 10 cigarettes daily, or just casually use nicotine.

  • 20MG and More for the heavier smoker

Another personal favorite bonus of using vape juices is that you always have the freedom to mix and match. We hope that we provided you some insight and wish you happy vaping!